Tap Into the North


Consumed for centuries in Northern Europe as a health drink with detoxifying and revitalizing properties, birch tree sap is an incredible health beverage produced by nature.

At 52 North, we simply tap into this delicious resource to craft our non-GMO, naturally organic birch water that is derived straight from the birch forests of British Columbia, Canada.

The Process

Every Spring, our sap is harvested in its purest form. At the end of winter, as the Pacific Northwest thaws, we gently hand-tap Canadian birch trees to produce the naturally organic, refreshing sap we're known for to bring you 52°North Birch Tree Sap.

Our Products

Our line offers naturally sweet flavours like birch sap, mint and raspberry packaged in eco-friendly sustainable pouches for hydration on-the-go. Tap into ultimate refreshment. Tap into 52° North.

Our Story

It all began with a love story and the lengths a man would go to bring his wife a taste of home.

Love started our story and it's our passion for the great outdoors that continues to drive us. Grab a pouch for your next adventure and see how good you can feel!

The Latest

At 52° North we believe in having fun and keeping hydrated! Tap into our social channels to see what we've been up to in the Great Outdoors.


A New Health Drink
Sourced Locally In British Columbia

With trace minerals which include potassium, zinc and magnesium, and naturally occurring electrolytes, our birch water is perfect for fitness training or simply casual refreshment. In addition, birch water contains natural antioxidants and phyto-chemicals like saponin, which is known to help reduce cholesterol and boost the immune system.

At 52 North, we produce our birch water beverages with two goals in mind: First that we offer a sustainable product that reflects our deep respect for our environment. And second, that our birch water continues to be the refreshing and delicious beverage that our customers love. We are so happy to say that we're accomplishing both of these goals today.

Our naturally healthy birch water is made from rejuvenating sap in its purest form. Discover the many benefits of birch tree sap and have 52 North birch water delivered to your doorstep today!