Uniquely Canadian Hydration
Tap into the North

Hand-Tapped Birch Water

52° North Hand-Tapped Birch Water

With a light, sweet flavour, Birch Water not only hydrates, but is clean and refreshing.

Sourced in Canada’s boreal forests, Silver Birch sap naturally contains electrolytes phytonutrients, and minerals providing rejuvenation and hydration.

Canada’s alternative to coconut water, but with 1/5th the calories and sugar, it’s clear that great things don’t have to come from the other side of the planet.

Quench your thirst and tap into the North.

Cold Brew Spruce Tip Tea

52° North - Cold Brew Spruce Tip Tea

A truly refreshing Canadian flavour with a blend of Sitka, Englemann, and Black Spruce tips, which naturally contains antioxidants, resines, pinenes, and other micronutrients.

With only simple, pure ingredients Spruce Tip Tea is made with sustainably harvested spruce tips, filtered water, and organic honey.

Experience refreshment and tap into the North.

Healthy. Local. Simple.

Choosing personal health doesn’t have to compromise the health of our planet. We believe sourcing close to home is not just an environmental responsibility, it’s an opportunity to discover nutritive and flavourful botanicals right here in the Pacific Northwest.

52° North Birch Water

Sustainably hand-tapped right here in British Columbia, our methods ensure the health of the trees we tap.

Birch Leaf

52° North Spruce Tip Tea

Spruce tips are responsibly and sustainably wild-harvested every Spring from the forests of Western Canada in partnership with Canadian Pine Pollen Co.

Birch Leaf

Committed to Transparency

The beverage industry is full of misinformation and green-washing. We strive to be transparent about what we do and how we do it.


At 52° North we have two passions, keeping hydrated and having fun in our great Canadian backyard.

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