About us

We love that British Columbia is home to pristine waters, rich soils, dense forests, and thriving flora and fauna.

52° North was born out of our love of BC and respect for our bodies and the environment. Our philosophy is, if we take care of our bodies and environment through mindful sourcing and consumption, we can continue to explore and see all the beauty that the world has to offer. At 52° North, we provide a truly Canadian experience in taste and nutrition, through our Birch Water and Spruce Tip tea.

Tap into uniquely BC sustainability, hydration and adventure.

Birch Tree Sap

For centuries First Nations and Northern Europeans have tapped this nourishing sap for it s rejuvenating benefits. Birch Water has been known to aid in hydration, detoxification, vitality, and overall physiological function.

Spruce Tips

Spruce tips have a long history of use among First Nations and other northern cultures of the world. Young branches were brewed into a tea that was known to ward off colds, respiratory illness, and stomach conditions. Spring Spruce buds are, perhaps, the tastiest, of all the medicine food that the evergreen trees have to offer.

Why Pouches

60lbs of beverage or 50lbs of glass bottles Equals only 1.5lbs of pouches

Why Pouches

Aside from it being super convenient to shove into a backpack, they are also better for the environment. To recycle, feel free to pop these into the blue bin or visit your local return centre.

Did you know that pouches have the lowest package weight to product weight ratio?

In fact, for every truckload of beverages in pouches, you would require 26 truckloads in bottles. YIKES! This means less raw materials are used, less waste and less carbon emissions from transportation!

Did You Know?

Our GnuSanté family has other, great tasting, nutritional drinks.

gnubees Pouches


Making good-for-you taste good
Fuel your active kid with a nutritious smoothie.

gnuFUEL Pouches


Cold brew coffee, with protein and fibre.