52° North as a Mixer for Alcoholic Beverages

52° North as a Mixer for Alcoholic Beverages

Birch Water and Spruce Tip Cocktail Recipes

As the warmer Spring and Summer days approach we know patio season in on your mind. Grab a few pouches of 52° North for your next quarantine FaceTime/Zoom happy hour party because things are about to get a little Shakin not Stirred around here. Here are some of our favourite ways to use 52° North as a mixer:

1) Vodka (Birch) Water

We all know that person: vodka water with a lemon please. We know that counting carbohydrates and sugar intake is important for some of us on strict diets. We keep this recipe simple… like the best things in life.

Instructions: Pour 1oz of good quality vodka into shaker filled with ice, pour 2oz of 52° North Natural Birch Water into shaker. Cover the shaker and shake away. Strain and pour into a glass with ice and lemon wedge.

2) Birch Mimosa

Patio Brunch is mandatory, and so are mimosas. Swap out your orange juice for birch water for a clean flavour that won’t overpower your favourite bubbly, but instead, compliment it. Our favourite is the cranberry Birch Water.

Instructions: pour 2oz of chilled Prosecco into a flute, top with 2oz of 52° North Cranberry Birch Water. Top with orange rind for garnish.

 3) Spruced Up Gin and Tonic

A classic drink with a refreshing twist. The flavours from our spruce tip tea are the perfect compliment for the botanicals in Gin. This cocktail takes you from patio days to evenings around the campfire.

Instructions: Pour 2oz of your favourite gin into a tall glass with ice. Top with 2oz of 52° North Spruce Tip Tea and 2oz of your favourite tonic water. Stir it up and sip away.


As always, please drink responsibly. We'd love to see your re-creations and recipes. Tag us at @tapinto52north on Instagram and we'll cheers you there!