Birch Water vs. Coconut Water

Birch Water vs. Coconut Water

When people ask “What is Birch Water?”, results often compare it to coconut water. Although Birch Water and Coconut Water are both plant based waters, they are also different. So let's discuss the similarities and differences between Coconut Water and Birch Water.

Let’s start from the beginning. Coconut Water is harvested from the fruit of the tree, the coconut. These coconuts are often grown in tropical countries such as Hawaii, Thailand, and the Philippines. One the fruit has ripened, the fruit is harvested, then opened, and the water is extracted. The fruit is then nonrenewable, and the flesh is consumed/processed into other edible goods.

Birch Water is different because it does not come from the fruit of the tree, it comes from the “blood” of the tree if you will. The sap aka water runs through the veins of the tree through root pressure in the spring when the birch tree thaws. This is the nutrient rich sap that feeds the tree to blossom in the spring. Our birch water is hand tapped so the trees are left undamaged and have ample amounts of sap to grow and flourish year after year. Birch sap is renewable once harvested and is part of the life-cycle of our North American ecosystem. The nutrient rich sap that feeds our trees, can also feed us.

Now for the good stuff “Does Birch water and coconut water have the same hydrating benefits?”, in short no, different bodies require different nutrients. Coconut Water contains five times the amount of sugar as Birch Water; this means it has more solid content in it’s liquid. Coconut water is beneficial for those who are de-hydrated as your body needs more substance to feed off of (ie if you are in the desert or have been lying under the sun on a tropical beach). Birch water is good for hydration for those of us who are not sweating profusely on a daily basis. Birch Water contains less sugar, calories, and potassium; however Birch Water contains polyphenol antioxidants and phytonutrients to help fight free radicals for overall rejuvenation. Traditionally used as a detoxifying beverage, Birch Water was used to alleviate uric acid in the body to reduce muscle cramping, therefore, great for post workout consumption.

As for taste, that is subjective. Coconut Water has more sugar than Birch Water, so it's more flavourful; however the high sugar content leaves some with a sticky aftertaste. Unlike Coconut Water, Birch Water has the same viscosity of water and almost tastes like water (with a subtle sweet aftertaste). Many people who don’t enjoy the viscosity of Coconut Water appreciate the lightness of Birch Water.

Long story short: Coconut Water is better if you are de-hydrated and Birch Water is better for overall hydration and rejuvenation due to its lower sugar content. Coconut Water is ideal for those living in a hot tropical climate, where as Birch Water hydrates those who live in a temperate climate; which coincidentally happens to be where they are sourced (not a coincidence).

Both Coconut water and Birch Water are great plant based drinks for hydration. Whether you love or hate Coconut Water, try Birch Water to compare the taste and effects it has on your body—maybe you’ll find you shed a few extra calories if you’re a coconut water connoisseur as you reduce your sugar and caloric intake.