Can Birch Water Relieve Pollen Allergies?

Tapping Birch Sap

Can Birch Water Relieve Pollen Allergies?

Spring has sprung, and if you have birch pollen allergies you may have been experiencing birch allergy symptoms such as a runny, itchy, or even inflamed nose. We all typically reach for over the counter remedies for relief, however turns out birch sap might be the natural remedy for you.

A researcher from the University of Alaska Fairbanks had pollen allergies herself, so one spring she tapped some birch trees and noticed that her allergies were relieved. Was it just a coincidence? She got to work in her lab and found that birch sap and birch pollen share many of the same protein chains. She states that "the idea is then those are the proteins that could redirect the immune response and make you tolerogenic of the birch pollen". To read more about her research click here

Birch sap was historically used as an allergy relief remedy, centuries ago, before modern medicine was readily available. However, we always suggest that you check with your doctor before consuming products that you may have an allergy to.

Drinking birch sap as a pollen allergy remedy goes hand in hand with our philosophy “Great things don’t have to come far from home". At 52° North we believe that from a biological standpoint, everything we need for our bodies can be found here in our backyard. BC and the Pacific North West is home to thriving flora and fauna, and we should harvest these botanicals in a sustainable manner to nourish our bodies.

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